i am a 22 yr old girl living and working and learning in chicago, IL ++ online.

thru sparkly✧gifs and nstalgic gestures, i engage with the internet in a girly vernacular, interested in recollecting memories lost to obsolescence as a means of finding community and reclamation.
these interests manifest thru
#cute #girly #tactile #kitsch
explorations between personal identity and personalized technology.

thru material output, such as crochet and weaving, i urge viewers to acknowledge the presence and tactility of technology in the face of sleek, blackboxed industry standardization. these modes of output become ways of investigating the softness of technology in relation to the malleability of online cultures. by remixing computer history from a craft perspective, I explore the possibilities of imaginary computer systems built out of soft material. as homage to the past, i work to make colorful, rich, saturated aesthetic experiences that subvert the masculinity of technology, disrupt hierarchies, and play with histories as rhizomatic and multi-faceted stories.

more links --> vimeo, youtube, newhive, CV

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